2 days to go…

2 days to go. Day after tomorrow I pack all my belongings (not a lot of stuff, that’s for sure!) into my little Yaris and embark on a little 11 hour roadtrip from Johannesburg down to Port Elizabeth (PE) for my one year of community service.

After graduating from Wits Medical School in early 2012, and then spending the last 2 years working as a medical intern at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital, apparently the second largest hospital in the world, the idea was to take it easy for the next year. Hence my choosing PE, in the Eastern Cape (EC). Eazy in the EC… that’s the idea, but practicing medicine at a public hospital anywhere in South Africa as far as I know, is anything but easy. So we’ll see how that goes.

As regularly as I can (I make no wishful promises with regards to that!) I will dot down a note or 2 about the day-to-day this-n-thats at my new hospital, and also my running, going around and getting to know Port Elizabeth, the artsy stuff (Grahamstown is just down the road!!!), and lots of other arbitrary stuff. Bear with me, a lot of what I write will be ordinary, and boring, but at least some of it 🙂 will be interesting.  I can [almost] guarantee that…

My place of work for the last 2 tears...

My place of work for the last 2 years, in Diepkloof,  Soweto…


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