Jozi my lover, I have left you for another…

I have just come back from an early morning 10km run along a road that runs parallel to the beach, and as I finish writing this I’m sitting on a balcony a couple of minutes walk away from said-beach, in Seaview, Port Elizabeth. I guess it’s real now, the move that is. I have left my Jozi, well and truly.  Not to be dramatic or anything…


  • The Road Trip: I love a long drive to somewhere interesting,  but it really isn’t much fun when you’re doing it on your own. Just me, in my little sedan packed with absolutely everything I own (excep for one or two relatively large pieces of furniture which I left behind) driving along, talking to myself, and managing to run through ALL the music I have. I did the trip in 2 parts, spending one night in a self catering in a little town called Colesberg. The scenery along the N10 is much more interesting (read: eye catching) than that of the N9, which in turn is more so than that of the N1 before it. There is definate gradual change of colour scheme from brown to green as one travels away from the highveldt, towards the Eastern Cape. Of note, there is a sign somewhere along the N9 for a turn-off to a place called Daggaboer. I kid you not. Chortle, chortle…

  • Seaview and it’s people: A friend of a friend of mine, Dario (with whom I went on the run this morning) and  his wife Jenelle are my only 2 connects in PE. We met for the first time when I arrived 3 nights ago (having spoken on the phone a couple times before I came down). They are very cool, super-friendly people and they introduced me to Kim and Bennie, an equally cool and super-friendly couple who have an awesome little self catering flat in Seaview, where I’ve been staying for the last couple of nights, hosted by Kim’s daughter Robyn, and her husband Conrad on my first night. I am absolutely in love with Seaview, with it’s houses built so close to the shore, and the smell and sound of the sea. I was at a braai at Dario and Jenelle’s last night where I met more friendly and interesting characters. It has been a very happy, sociable start…

  • First day at work: I read a book a little while ago by a British doctor. It was about his experiences during his medical internship. Describing his first day at work, he says he was very nervous. He walked in to his new ward for the first time and heard a nurse say “Oh good, there’s the doctor” and he sighed, relieved until he realised that she was referring to him! Now I’ve been qualified for 2 years already so I wasn’t that nervous on Friday, my first day at Dora Nginza hospital.  But there is still a small part of you that hopes that nothing hectic happens on day one, just so you have a chance to ease yourself in, find your bearings in the ward and hospital, meet and get to know your colleagues etc… Thankfully I did get the chance to do all that, and ended up having to take care of a lot of admin stuff. The internal medicine department, where I will be working for the first 6 months of my community service consists of 4 wards, 2 for male patients and the other 2 for female patients. I was in one of the female wards, I helped out with the ward round by seeing a few patients. There was a meeting with all the doctors present, to say goodbye to the interns, it was their last day in the department,  so I met everyone I’ll be working with. I also had a sit-down with the head of department.


I have moved into a block of flats in town, it is the doctors’ accomodation (yes that finally got sorted out!), the building is filled with doctors that work at the different hospitals in PE. It’s my official residence but I plan to spend alot of time in Seaview 🙂

One of the doctors I work with is a triathlete, she recently completed the Iron Man (Iron lady I suppose?) here in PE. Dario, and Kim and Bennie all cycle and run, and as I sit here on the balcony a group of cyclists have just ridden past on the road below. I was destined to come to this town, I love it here! 🙂

Somewhere along the N9

Somewhere along the N9

Somewhere along the N1

Somewhere along the N1

Dagga boer. I still laugh when I look at that! :-D

Dagga boer. I still laugh when I look at that! 😀











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