Not unpredictably, I start off by describing a run I went on this morning, a slow 24km amble. Not unpredictably, it was in my new favourite place Seaview 🙂 and once again, not unpredictably it was absolutely beautiful, out and back along Maitland road follwing the shore, with that ever present ocean view to one side! I ran with my friend Dario, having driven from PE town to be at his house at 6am, to meet up with a bunch of other runners (about 50 or so) at 6.30am before setting off. During the run we linked up with Allister, another local. He has been running for about 20 years and was using this as a training run for the up coming Comerades marathon, his third. A lot of the others on the run this morning (runners from clubs all over PE) are building up (tapering down that is) for this year’s Comrades. We took it long, and slow.


Allister is a very talkative character and we were never short of conversation. This was quite different for me as I am usually a bit of a loner on the road. I’ve been running for just over 3 years now, and I almost always go it alone, on training runs and races alike. Just me, and my thoughts and ideas, and (mostly) my non-thoughts and non-ideas! I’m not antisocial or anything,  I just find it difficult to strike up convo with a stranger, with whom all I have in common is running. I’ve always wondered about chatty runners. Usually finding myself quietly overtaking them, or quitely being overtaken 😛 as it were! How fit does one have to be to be able to run, maintain pace, and swap random opinions about oh say the epic scenery, your partner threatening to leave you because you spend too much time out running,  politics, voting, not voting, the weather, work…? These are life’s big questions really, a philosopher’s delight.

We had a good one though, as long runs go. I quite enjoyed it. One of the advantages of constant chatter and banter, I discovered is that you don’t think about the distance too much. I also made a new running friend, in Allister. No amount of distraction can take away from the pain I was feeling in my legs over the last 3km though. That last bit is always the worst. Having cruised the previous 21km odd, all of your senses suddenly switch on, and you feel every step and every little niggle until the last step. Funny thing about running, that. Once we did stop I promptly forgot all of that, taking in the awe-inspiring scene around us.






My afternoon on this public holiday, voting day,  was spent working on this post at a cool Greek joint called Yiayia’s on Stanley street in PE. They make a mean sandwich melt! Stanley street is a cool going out spot in an area called Richmond Hill, on the edge of town, repeatedly recommended to me since I moved here. I found it not dissimillar to 7th Street in Melville, or Gleneagles road in Greenside. When I’m not in Seaview I’ll probably be arb’ing somewhere on Stanley street… 😉


Running conversation. Voting, not voting…


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