I was done with the post-intake work from the Youth day call by about 11am on Tuesday 17 June last week. Driving off from the hospital, I was tired and worn, but I was also very excited. Meryl my girlfriend was on a flight that had left Johannesburg bound for Port Elizabeth about 30 minutes earlier. I was on my way to pick her up at the airport. She was due to land at 12.45. Not enough time for me to get a quick haircut, or get my car washed, both of which I had kind of been planning to do (Seriously I had kind of planned to… 🙂 ). No matter, after not seeing me for just over a month surely she wouldn’t care about that sort of thing..? I did have just enough time to pass by the flat in town and get changed out of my scrubs before getting to the airport to meet her just a few minutes after she walked out of baggage claims. There I was, just a tad bit late, sporting that post-call-but-I-am-so-happy-to-see-you face. After the obligatory hello-I-miss-you-so-much etc the first thing she said to me was “Why didn’t you cut your hair?!” Seriously… 🙂

At the pier at Summerstrand

At the pier at Summerstrand

Meryl was in town for 5 days. It was awesome having her around, I was in absolute bliss! We went everywhere that I have been to during my short time in PE and more… In Stanley street we had dinner at Posh Eatery on the evening of her first night here. She decided that over the next year on her subsequent visits we are going to work our way down the street and eat at all of it’s many restaurants. It’s a very Meryl-idea and I’m always willing to entertain those. I will update on how that goes…


I introduced Meryl to my PE crowd. Everyone loves her (literally everyone!), and I suppose they now understand why I go on about her, and why I feel the way I do about her… On Thursday my friends Kim and Bennie hosted us for dinner at their home in Seaview (my other home away from home 🙂 ), where Meryl met everyone. Kim is of the opinion that Meryl is too good to be true, and that I should promptly marry her and seal the deal (hey, how’s that for an idea! 😛 ). Kim’s daughter Serena had been quite looking forward to meeting Meryl and when they finally did meet they got on like a house on fire, as I had thought they would. She, and her older sister Robyn and Meryl bonded during a day of shopping while I was at work the next day, as girls will do (that sounds very sexist but I’m telling it the way it went down 🙂 ) Serena suggested we start a trend online: #keepMerylhere. I like that, #keepMerlyhere…


My other friend Dario, who also lives in Seaview, was over for dinner too, along with his party of six, as I like to call them 😛 They include his wife Jenelle, their 3 daughters and their new son 3 week old Nicholas (who Dario tells me would have had the misfortune of being named Dicholas if he had been born a girl 😀 ) They too, quickly took a liking to my Meryl. The general consensus seems to be that I am one lucky cat. I completely agree. I’m not a bad looking chap if I do say do myself but I will admit that I can be a little bit socially awkward, just ever so slightly. The result is that I’m not exactly a ladies man! We have been together for almost a year now, but every now and then I have to pinch myself just to make sure that this is all real. This girl is an absolute babe and I get to call her my girlfriend!


There's a pretty girl turning heads in Port St Francis!

There’s a pretty girl turning heads in Port St Francis!


Kim and Bennie have a flat in Seaview that they rent out sometimes. They were kind enough to avail it to us for the duration of Meryl’s stay so she could at least have somewhere to be comfortable.



It’s a funny thing, Meryl and I talk on the phone about two or three times a day when she is in Johannesburg and while the distance isn’t easy I feel like the constant chatting and messaging keeps us connected. From the moment I picked her up at the airport we seemed to seamlessly connect and, I felt like we hadn’t really been apart for that long. Over the 5 days we did most of the things that we had been planning to do for weeks before. We drove over to St Francis, and had lunch in Port St Francis. We were also in Jeffrey’s Bay, arb’ing around at the factory shops, on the streets and at the beach. All the while being very cheesy and touristy, taking pictures of everything that caught our eye…

Jeffrey's Bay...

Jeffrey’s Bay…


I’ve been in Port Elizabeth for almost 2 months now and I hadn’t had a chance to get out to Summerstrand and Hobie Beach, which is absolutely criminal! Songs have been written about Hobie beach and it is barely a 10 minute drive away from my flat in PE town. I drove Meryl out there, we got there just as it was getting dark, walked up to the end of the pier, and had dinner at a nice place called the Blue Waters Café.


Back in Seaview on Sunday we walked across Maitland road down to the rocky beach and sat there taking in the view, and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, cheesy as that might sound…


A few hours later on Sunday evening I had to drive us to the airport. As seamlessly as we had connected after she had arrived a few days earlier, I felt as if half of me was missing when I drove back home without her in the passenger seat…








Port St Francis...

Port St Francis…



Lunch at some or other restaurant in Port St Francis :-P

Lunch at some or other restaurant in Port St Francis 😛






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  1. Dario Broccardo says:

    But your last sentence includes a … which, in the old days, we used to call a “to be continued” clause. Positive!

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