As Saturdays go…

Something woke me up. It was about 8.30am which as far as I’m concerned, is much too early for a non-work day! 😛 What is that sound? I thought, oh yes my phone was ringing, it was Meryl. “You’re still in bed?!” she said, “Uh huh…” I replied. Yeah I was still on bed!


We hung up after a short conversation and since I was up (No. Awake, but definitely not up!) I then downloaded and watched a movie on my tablet, in bed (as one does!) I felt like something light and meaningless. Maybe it was a romcom and maybe it wasn’t, I shan’t say.

By the time that was done it was about 11am, a much more appropriate time to arise I thought. And so I did, transferring myself from the comfort zone that was my bed to the equally comfy, though not nearly as laid back chair at my desk. Book time methinks, I said to myself and proceeded to put in a couple of hours of studying. I’ve been in a good groove lately, doing at least a couple of hours almost everyday. I call it my #geekmode. It’s a good place to be in if one has a bunch of material that one needs to get through. Immunity, infection and inflammation is what I’m currently perusing, a mildly interesting but necessary section on my quest to recap all basic medical physiology.




Living in a place like Port Elizabeth makes it just about unforgivable to spend all day indoors, so in the afternoon I went out for a run, an easy 13km. The weather has been awesome for the last few weeks, getting into summer. The shorts-and-slops are definitely out again, although there is still that incessant PE wind.

Baakens street,  Port Elizabeth Central.

Baakens street, Port Elizabeth Central.



PE Central.

PE Central.

I run a slightly different route everytime I get out onto the road,  but invariably pass through some very disparate bits of the city.




Beach road,  Humewood.  Just at the waterfront.

Beach road, Humewood. Just at the waterfront.

The tree-lined La Rouche road in Humewood.

The tree-lined La Rouche road in Humewood.

Got back to the flat in town in the late afternoon, did a quick work out, shower and then got back to watching movies 🙂

Absolute bliss. I didn’t have to be at work, I wasn’t on call, and there wasn’t anything else really pressing. A day as free as this one was (even though it is the weekend) is a rarity in my adult life. When one like it does does come around I embrace it wholeheartedly! 🙂


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